Useful Statistics Resources

Sadly, our visitors sometimes need more than we provide at Stat Trek. To fill in the gaps, we are pleased to list some very good resources below.

Statistics Help

  • Are you looking for help with probability or statistics? Or do you want to help others with their statistics questions? Then, this helpful, friendly forum is the place for you.

  • Math Help Forum. Free online help community where you can post questions on any math topic. Includes discussion threads on basic and advanced statistics and probability.

  • Free statistics help. Questions are usually answered within several days. These volunteers only help folks with real-world data analysis; they don't do homework problems.

  • Ask Dr. Math. Do you have a math question? Search Dr. Math's archives first. The answer may be there. If not, ask Dr. Math.

  • Stats Make Me Cry. This statistics blog is a place for sharing ideas, finding resources, and when needed, finding help with statistical analyses or problems.

Statistics Training

  • HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook. In addition to an introductory statistics textbook, this site includes analysis tools, instructional demos, and exercises with answers to selected problems.

  • Statistics Internet Library. This site features links to all things statistical - study aids, tutorials, practice problems, online calculators, etc.

  • StatSoft Statistics Textbook. Covering both elementary and advanced topics, this online textbook also includes a glossary of statistical terms and a list of references for further study.


  • Online Calculators. Large collection of statistics calculators. Performs analytical tasks with mostly simple distributions.