Matrix Algebra Tutorial

This tutorial is a brief, easy-to-understand introduction to matrix algebra, emphasizing matrix methods that are widely used in statistics and mathematics. > Begin lesson 1

About the Tutorial

After completing this tutorial, you will be familiar with the nomenclature and notation used by matrix algebra. And you will be able to:

  • Perform common matrix operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.).
  • Determine matrix rank (i.e., distinguish singular from non-singular matrices).
  • Find the determinant and inverse for any square matrix.
  • Use matrix algebra to solve simultaneous linear equations.
  • Express computations and sets of equations compactly in matrix format.
  • And more ...

Topics are introduced in short, easy-to-understand modules. Each lesson covers a single topic, and most lessons include one or more review questions to reinforce learning.

How to Use This Tutorial

Individual lessons are accessible directly through links in the table of contents, on the left side of the page. If you are already familiar with matrix algebra, you can choose any lesson at random and work effectively.

However, if you are new to the topic, you should work through lessons in the order in which they appear; because each lesson builds on previous lessons.

Additional Helpful Resources

As you progress through this matrix algebra tutorial, take advantage of the following helpful resources.

  • Sample problems. Most of the lessons include sample problems. The sample problems reinforce key concepts and help you test your knowledge.

  • On-line help. The Stat Trek Glossary takes the mystery out of technical jargon. If any term or concept is unclear, visit the Glossary for additional explanation.

Note: The Glossary can be accessed through the Help tab that appears in the header at the top of every Stat Trek web page.