About Stat Trek

If this is your first visit to StatTrek.com, welcome. Our mission is to help you solve common statistics problems - quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Who We Are

Stat Trek was founded by Harvey Berman. Harvey earned a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Psychology, both from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Following graduation, Harvey spent nearly two decades applying math and statistics skills to real-world problems, mainly in the areas of market research and strategic planning.

In 2000, Harvey left the corporate world to develop Stat Trek, an educational website devoted to helping people teach themselves statistics.

In his spare time, Harvey plays golf and bridge - both poorly.

What We Do

We try to take the drudgery out of statistics by providing user-friendly instructional and analytical tools.

About Our Tutorials

Stat Trek features free, online tutorials covering the following topics.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics. The AP Statistics tutorial is designed to help students master the Advanced Placement Statistics Examination. It provides accurate and complete coverage of the AP Statistics curriculum.
  • Statistics and Probability. The Statistics and Probability tutorial includes all of the lessons from the AP Statistics tutorial, and more. It features clear explanations and hands-on examples.
  • Matrix Algebra. The Matrix Algebra tutorial is an easy-to-understand introduction to matrix algebra. After completing this tutorial, students will be familiar with matrix nomenclature, matrix notation, and common matrix operations.

Topics are introduced in short, easy-to-understand lessons. Technical terms are linked to their definitions; so online help is just a mouse click away.

About Our Analytical Tools

We offer a wide range of analytical tools to support topics covered in the tutorials. These tools include:

Each analytical tool features clear instructions, provides answers to frequently-asked questions, and includes sample problems with solutions.

About Our Pricing

Nearly all of Stat Trek's analytical tools and training services are free, accessible to anyone who visits the website.

The only fee-based tool is the Sample Planning Wizard. The Sample Planning Wizard is available only to licensed users. For a list of current license plans, see Stat Trek Registration: Choose License Plan.