About Stat Trek

If this is your first visit to StatTrek.com, welcome. Our mission is to help you solve common statistics problems - quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Our Focus

We provide on-line support for the following topics:

  • Probability and statistics - Introduction to statistics, including preparation for the Advanced placement (AP) statistics exam.
  • Survey sampling - sample size, sample allocation, simple random sampling, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling.
  • Parameter estimation - margin of error and confidence interval for mean scores and proportions.
  • Hypothesis testing - Type I and Type II errors, power calculations, significance level, region of acceptance.
  • Probability distributions - normal, t, binomial, hypergeometric, f, chi square, multinomial, negative binomial, and Poisson distributions.
  • Foundations of statistics - factorials, combinations, permutations, probability, conditional probability.
  • Matrix algebra - matrix operations, echelon matrices, matrix inverse, solving simulaneous linear equations, variance-covariance matrices.

Our Services

We offer two types of online services: (1) analytical tools and (2) training services. All of our services are developed with three criteria in mind:

  • Technical quality. Each algorithm and each online lesson has been checked and double-checked for accuracy.
  • Ease of use. Simple instructions guide users. On-line help answers questions. Calculations are automatic, "behind the scenes".
  • Clear reporting. Answers are clear and concise. Statistical terms are explained. Analytical techniques are documented.

For a complete list of analytical and training services, see Products and Services.

Our Pricing

Nearly all of Stat Trek's analytical tools and training services are free, accessible to anyone who visits the web site.

The only fee-based tool is the Sample Planning Wizard. The Sample Planning Wizard is available only to licensed users. For a list of current license plans, see Stat Trek Registration: Choose License Plan.