Statistics Tables for the 21st Century

The online statistics tables that appear on this site are accurate and user-friendly - a welcome change from traditional statistics tables buried in appendices of introductory statistics texts.

Take the Drudgery Out of Statistical Tables

Finding probabilities from statistics tables has never been easier. This site features online statistics tables for each of the following nine distributions: binomial, chi-square, f distribution, hypergeometric, multinomial, negative binomial (and geometric), normal, Poisson, and t distribution. You can link to any of these tools from the table below.

Discrete Distributions Continuous Distributions
Binomial distribution

Hypergeometric distribution

Multinomial distribution

Negative binomial distribution

Poisson distribution
Chi-square distribution

F distribution

Normal distribution

Student's t distribution

Or you can link to the online statistics tables from the Stat Tables tab, which appears in the header of every Stat Trek web page.

Each table features clear instructions, answers to frequently-asked questions, and sample problems with solutions; so you won't lose time getting up to speed.

A Brief History of Statistical Tables

Back in the 20th century, researchers relied on dense, hard-to-read tables to find probabilities associated with different sampling distributions.

Typically, these tables were hidden in appendices at the back of statistics texts, and obtaining information was tedious. It involved aligning rows and columns to find the particular cell of the table that held the information you wanted. In the worst case, you had to interpolate. Human error was rampant.

Time marches on ... Today, in the 21st century, everything is better. No more thumbing through textbooks to find the statistical table you need. No more hard-to-read tables. No more interpolation. With Stat Trek's online statistical tables, the information you need is just a mouse click away.