How to Advertise on Stat Trek

Advertising on Stat Trek is a smart, cost-effective way to reach students, teachers, researchers, and professionals with interest in probability, statistics, and survey sampling.

  • Low cost. Banner ads, skyscraper ads, and text ads cost only pennies per day.

  • High visibility. Place your ad "above the fold" where users are likely to focus their attention.

  • Rich content. Your ad appears on a web page that is relevant to your customers and related to your product.

Note: We use the "nofollow" attribute to prevent paid ads from influencing search results and negatively impacting search engines.

Types of Ads

You can choose from three different types of ads.

  • Leaderboard. A Leaderboard is a traditional graphic banner ad that sits at the top of any web page just under the Stat Trek header. The Leaderboard can be up to 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high, as shown below.

    Your graphic team can develop the Leaderboard using any graphic image that communicates your message.

Proven strategies and tested tactics from the Advertising Research Foundation.
  • Text ad. Each Text ad has a heading (up to 25 characters), descriptive text (up to 100 characters), and your company name (up to 25 characters) at the end of the ad. There are two distinct links back to your website - the heading and your company name.

    The "Online Advertising" ad to the right illustrates a typical text ad - title on the top, descriptive text in the middle, and company name on the bottom.

  • Skyscraper ad. A Skyscraper ad is a traditional graphic ad that appears in the right column of any web page.

    On most pages, skyscraper ads can be up to 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels high, like Amazon's Skyscraper ad to the right. On the home page, skyscraper ads can be up to 250 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.

You are encouraged to place words of text within your ad that create a call to action.

Ad Prices

The price of an ad is based on three factors: the type of ad, the location of the ad, and the duration of the ad.

Ad Type Ad Location Ad Duration Price
Leaderboard Home page 1 year $3000
Leaderboard Home page 6 months $2000
Leaderboard Not home page 1 year $2100
Leaderboard Not home page 6 months $1400
Skyscraper Home page 1 year $2100
Skyscraper Home page 6 months $1400
Skyscraper Not home page 1 year $1500
Skyscraper Not home page 6 months $1000
Text ad Home page 1 year $1500
Text ad Home page 6 months $1000
Text ad Not home page 1 year $900
Text ad Not home page 6 months $600

Each ad offers unlimited impressions and unlimited clicks.

How to Place an Ad With Stat Trek

To place an ad on the Stat Trek web site or to ask a question about advertising on the site, please complete the following form. Then, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

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We will reply promptly by email to respond to your question or comment. Once we receive your ad information, we can normally have your ad up and running on Stat Trek within 24 hours. The whole process is quick and painless. And finally, thanks for your interest.