Sample Planning Wizard: Demo Version

This is a "Demo" version of the Sample Planning Wizard. The Demo works just like the full version, except for two things.

  • When sample size is an input to the analysis, the sample size must equal 150.
  • When sample size is an output of the analysis, the significance level must equal 0.10.

Even with these constraints, the Demo should give you a good feel for how the full version works. Try it out. You can evaluate a sample design in just a few easy steps.

If anything is unclear, click the Help button. On-line help is just a mouse click away. The Demo Wizard analyzes data, reports key findings, describes the analysis, and offers suggestions - just like the full Wizard.

The full Wizard is only available to registered users. To access the full Wizard, click the button below.

Problem Definition

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Sampling method
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Purpose of research