Sample Planning Wizard: Description

Stat Trek's Sample Planning Wizard provides the expert guidance that you need to solve common statistics problems on-line.

  • Survey sampling. Tailor your sampling plan to your research needs. Choose the sampling method that provides the most precision for the least cost. > Learn more

  • Estimation. Estimate population parameters from sample data. Compute margin of error, confidence interval, and standard error. > Learn more

  • Hypothesis tests. Conduct one- and two-tailed hypothesis tests. Identify the region of acceptance. Given effect size, compute power; and vice versa. > Learn more

Even if you are new to statistics, you will be able to solve common statistics problems using the Sample Planning Wizard.

The Wizard features a clear, user-friendly interface. You define the problem and the research goal. The Wizard prompts you for the input needed to solve the problem. Calculations occur automatically and instantaneously, behind the scenes.

Based on your input, the Wizard creates a summary report that does the following:

  • Presents key findings.
  • Offers suggestions for improvement.
  • Describes the methodology used to solve the problem.

The Sample Planning Wizard is a premium product available only to registered users. Registration is quick, easy, and inexpensive. A one-month license costs only $10. > Register now

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Note: To make sure the Sample Planning Wizard is the right tool for your needs, try the free, Demo version. The demo will give you a good idea of what the Sample Planning Wizard can do.