Statistics and Probability

This website provides training and tools to help you solve statistics problems quickly, easily, and accurately - without having to ask anyone for help.

Teach Yourself Statistics

How to Prepare for AP Statistics

  • AP Tutorial: Study our free, AP statistics tutorial to improve your skills in all test areas.
  • Practice exam: Test your understanding of key topics, through sample problems with detailed solutions.
  • Study guide: Read our review of the most popular AP study guides, and choose the right guide for you.
  • Calculator: Compare AP-approved graphing calculators, based on price and user ratings.
  • A quick overview: Why you should take AP statistics, what is required to pass, and how Stat Trek can help.

Analytical Tools

Random Number Generator

Create a list of random numbers, based on your specifications.

  • Control list size (generate up to 1000 numbers).
  • Specify the range of values that appear in your list.
  • Permit or prevent duplicate entries.

Free and easy to use.

Random number generator

Sample Planning Wizard

Create powerful, cost-effective survey sampling plans.

  • Find the optimum design (most precision, least cost).
  • See how sample size affects cost and precision.
  • Compare different survey sampling methods.
  • Assess statistical power and Type II errors.

Tailor your sampling plan to your research needs.

Sample planning wizard