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Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator, Black


The FX-300 features a two-line display and supports complex number calculations, algebra, calculus, and 18 levels of parentheses. The large, readable two-line display exhibits 10 digits, shows the problem as you write it, and then shows the answer alongside, permitting better tracking of your equation-solving process. With the Casio FX-300, if you make an input error, you can quickly clear it with the backspace key. Key in and program formulas to save for future uses. The FX-300w provides one independent and six constant memory keys. And solar power means never replacing batteries; the backup battery assures you'll always have power when you need it.
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Texas Instruments VOY200/PWB Graphing Calculator
Texas Instruments

The Voyage 200 handheld has a huge 2.7 Mb of Flash ROM, lots of pre-loaded Handheld Software Applications (Apps), and a real-time clock. Not to mention the fact that it comes with the TI Connectivity USB cable for Windows and Macintosh computers. It still contains all of the inherent functionality of the TI-92 Plus, including 3-D rotations and contour plots, symbolic manipulation, systems of equations, syntax listings, and much, much more. And the QWERTY keyboard takes the drudgery out of programming and note-taking. Mathematical expressions appear on the display the same way as they are written on the board. > Buy Now

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Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator with 2-Line Natural Textbook Display (FX-115ES)

The Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator features over 279 functions and provides its user with everything they need for most mathematical calculations. The calculator's functions include complex number calculations, matrix and vector calculations, statistics, and 40 metric conversions. Its standout feature is its 2-line natural textbook display that displays fractions, formulas, square roots and other expressions as they would in your textbook. It is extremely versatile, and can be used in courses ranging from basic pre-algebra to calculus, and also has applications in physics, engineering, biology and statistics. > Buy Now

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Sharp EL-W535B WriteView Scientific Calculator

The ELW535B performs over 300 advanced scientific functions while utilizing Sharp’s WriteView Technology. The 4-line display and multi-line playback make scientific equations easier for students to solve. It is ideal for students studying general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, biology, chemistry, and general science. Formulas and functions, such as fractions, are displayed on the calculator the way they are written in textbooks. The playback mode gives you the ability to recall previous equations and answers. You can also edit results and make changes to formulas easily. > Buy Now

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Sharp EL-W516B Scientific Calculator with WriteView (Black)

The ELW516B scientific calculator by Sharp performs over 535 scientific functions and has seven different modes. It features WriteView technology which displays formulas as they are written in textbooks, eliminating any confusion on how to enter each formula into the calculator. It has a large 4-line, 12-digit LCD display, ensuring that whole formulas will be visible. The playback feature allows you to make changes to formulas easily without having to start over from the beginning when you've entered a wrong key. It has four programmable function keys that you program for quick and easy access to the functions you use the most. > Buy Now

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Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator
Texas Instruments

Once you get to a certain level of math classes, a regular old calculator just isn't good enough anymore--you need a high-functioning calculator that can perform algebraic, trigonometric, and statistical problems in addition to general mathematical tasks. The Texas Instruments TI-30XA scientific calculator can do this for you. It is extremely handy when it comes to figuring tricky fractions. It can add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions when entered in a traditional numerator/denominator format. This calculator can also do a variety of conversions, from fractions to decimals, degrees to radians to grads, DMS to decimal to degrees, and polar to rectangular. The display screen holds up to 10 digits. > Buy Now

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HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Get professional performance with the HP 35s Scientific Calculator. The HP 35s lets users choose between RPN or algebraic entry-system logic (no other scientific calculator offers both). It also features a large, two-line alphanumeric display to view entries, results, menus, and prompts with ease. The display also sports an adjustable contrast feature, making it ideal to use both indoors and out. A robust library of 100+ built-in functions and constants also comes pre-loaded for immediate use right out of the box. It also features a large, two-line alphanumeric display to view entries, results, menus, and prompts with ease. > Buy Now

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Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator, Black with Blue Accents
Texas Instruments

Few inexpensive scientific calculators boast the advanced features users get with the TI-30x IIS. The display shows the equation you are creating on the top line, and the numbers you are entering on the second line. Once the equation is solved, you can edit the original equation in any way you like for a recalculation. Better still, you can browse through a cache of dozens of previous calculations, meaning you can look back to see the answer to a problem you solved two minutes ago, two days ago, or whenever. The device uses solar power when possible but can fall back on the internal batteries (which are included) if there isn't enough light. > Buy Now

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